What’s your return policy?

If sizing on any of the garments is not suitable, we will be able to arrange with you a return in order to provide the most adequate solution. If you aren’t happy with any of the other items you have purchased please send an email to sales@solarcutters.comand we can assist in rectifying the situation for […]

Can I track my order?

Your tracking details will be sent to you prior to the order being dispatched via email. After you receive these tracking details the system will also send you another email confirming your order is “complete” meaning it has been shipped and on the way to your specified delivery address

My order arrived incomplete or damaged what can I do?

If you order was incomplete and you weren’t advised previously please send an email to sales@solarcutters.com for us to look into the issue If your order was damaged please send us an email to sales@solarcutters.com and explain the issue and we will then be able to support you to rectify the situation