How can Solar Cutters help me support the solar industry in a better way?

Solar Cutters is always discussing new innovative ways to support the solar industry within Australia whilst also trying to influence international markets. Community is key as well as our key philosophies of quality, integrity, authenticity, unity and sustainability which are all paramount in deciding the most effective way forward for Solar Cutters. We are always […]

How can I be a part of the next Solar Cutters event?

If you are interested in attending the next Solar Cutters event please make sure you are following us on social media and are registered on the website where you will get the most up to date correspondence If you are wishing to sponsor the next Solar Cutters event please send your details and proposal to […]

How can I support Solar Cutters?

Primarily you can support Solar Cutters by following us on social media and registering on our website. If you wish to purchase any merchandise that also would be appreciated as all the earnings off the web-store are reinvested in our cause. If you wish to donate to Solar Cutters or support in any other ways […]