How long have Jack and Kosta been in the solar industry?

Jack has been in the solar industry since June 2009 where he began working as a Customer Service Rep with Energy Matters. Jack currently holds the position of Solar Design Engineer at the RACV based in Melbourne ¬†Kosta has been in the solar industry since June 2012 where he began working as an Account Coordinator […]

When was Solar Cutters established?

The idea for Solar Cutters originated from a discussion between Kosta and Jack in late September of 2017 at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia where we thought the branding and messaging was growing across social media so much that we felt compelled to create this community

How did you come up with the logo(s)?

Similar to the name the inspiration for the Solar Cutters logo came from the Stonecutters, but having said that we have always had a number of different logo variations which we use for different business activities which can be found across our social media platforms