The name Solar Cutters amongst other things was partially inspired by the Simpsons episode where Homer joins a secret society (based on the Freemasons) called the Stonecutters

Similar to the name the inspiration for the Solar Cutters logo came from the Stonecutters, but having said that we have always had a number of different logo variations which we use for different business activities which can be found across our social media platforms

The idea for Solar Cutters originated from a discussion between Kosta and Jack in late September of 2017 at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia where we thought the branding and messaging was growing across social media so much that we felt compelled to create this community

If you believe an individual or company is tarnishing the Solar Cutters’ brand please contact us immediately so we can take appropriate action. Please send any evidence you have to info@solarcutters.com

Solar Cutters aims to be different to other communities or industry bodies by aiming to remain independent and self-regulated which allows for greater control on our goals and messages to the community

Jack has been in the solar industry since June 2009 where he began working as a Customer Service Rep with Energy Matters. Jack currently holds the position of Solar Design Engineer at the RACV based in Melbourne

 Kosta has been in the solar industry since June 2012 where he began working as an Account Coordinator with Apollo Energy as part of the Energy Matters Group. Kosta currently holds the position of Business Development Manager with Solar Juice based in Melbourne

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Yes we can offer international shipping via the Solar Cutters Web-Store @ https://solarcutters.com/shop/

If you order was incomplete and you weren’t advised previously please send an email to sales@solarcutters.com for us to look into the issue

If your order was damaged please send us an email to sales@solarcutters.com and explain the issue and we will then be able to support you to rectify the situation

If you are dissatisfied or wish to return your order please send us an email to sales@solarcutters.com and we will be able to assist you with your request

Your tracking details will be sent to you prior to the order being dispatched via email. After you receive these tracking details the system will also send you another email confirming your order is “complete” meaning it has been shipped and on the way to your specified delivery address

Typically, once the order is placed the aim is to have stock dispatch Melbourne within 72 hours. Most of the time orders are shipped within 24 hours of order placement which can be delayed if over a weekend, holidays or if the office is closed

Yes you can pay cash for an order and collect from the Solar Cutters’ office in St Kilda, Victoria. Please send an email to sales@solarcutters.com for our team to assist with the arrangements

If you wish to change your order once payment has been processed please send us an email to sales@solarcutters.comand we can help assist you with any adjustments you wish to make

If sizing on any of the garments is not suitable, we will be able to arrange with you a return in order to provide the most adequate solution. If you aren’t happy with any of the other items you have purchased please send an email to sales@solarcutters.comand we can assist in rectifying the situation for you

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Please register your details on our website which can be found at http://solarcutters.com/registration/

Yes you can register if you are outside of Australia as we do have plans to spread the “Solar Cutters” story globally as well as within Australia

Yes your information and details will remain confidential within the Solar Cutters server up until the point where you wish your details to be advertised if you become a Certified Cutter

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Primarily you can support Solar Cutters by following us on social media and registering on our website. If you wish to purchase any merchandise that also would be appreciated as all the earnings off the web-store are reinvested in our cause. If you wish to donate to Solar Cutters or support in any other ways please send us an email to marketing@solarcutters.com

We have been overwhelmed from all the support we have received and if you wish to partner or invest with Solar Cutters please send us an email and we can discuss any potential opportunities to marketing@solarcutters.com

If you are interested in attending the next Solar Cutters event please make sure you are following us on social media and are registered on the website where you will get the most up to date correspondence

If you are wishing to sponsor the next Solar Cutters event please send your details and proposal to marketing@solarcutters.com

Please send us a message via social media or an email to marketing@solarcutters.com if there is any media or information you wish to share with us

You are not able to use the Solar Cutters branding or likeness for your own marketing purposes until you become approved as a Certified Cutter

Please send us an email to marketing@solarcutters.com with any links, evidence, etc… displaying the alleged behaviour for us to take appropriate action

Solar Cutters is always discussing new innovative ways to support the solar industry within Australia whilst also trying to influence international markets. Community is key as well as our key philosophies of quality, integrity, authenticity, unity and sustainability which are all paramount in deciding the most effective way forward for Solar Cutters. We are always open to hearing about possible ventures or marketing opportunities where we can assist in helping the industry and whether it effects a small group or the majority we want to hear about it so we can have a positive influence

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We are always looking to expand resources within Solar Cutters so if you wish to be part of that please send us an email to careers@solarcutters.com

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The Solar Cutters website is run off WordPress and whilst it is a fantastic platform their can be technical difficulties from time to time. We have IT support helping us in the background so usually we will know there is  a problem before you

If your username or password isn’t working please send us an email to info@solarcutters.com and we can help you to get back logged in

If you haven’t received your login details confirmation 72hours after you have submitted your registration (and its not in your junk/spam) please send us an email to info@solarcutters.comand we can look into the issue for you

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Please visit the contact page to find details on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube channel for you to remain up to date with everything Solar Cutters http://solarcutters.com/contact/

If you are interested to arrange a meeting with Kosta and/or Jack please send an email to info@solarcutters.com or alternatively their personal emails are here http://solarcutters.com/contact/  

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